INSTALive :) le immagini in tempo reale da Amantes a Torino per la mostra INSTA.SHAPES

Instagramers Torino @ Via Principe Amedeo 38/a, Torino
Tagga le tue immagini con #SHAPETORINO e #igerstorino.
Le migliori compariranno qui e all'interno della mostra INSTA.SHAPES

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This web project is made with INSTALive (beta 1.0)

INSTALive is a brand new web and mobile app to admin and display everywhere Instagram tagged pictures, in realtime.
Yes, realtime administration (via mobile directly on your iphone!) of user generated pictures taken with Instagram and a simple but effective streaming slideshow, customized for any digital or offline project.

1. Just relax, have a beer, go outside and enjoy the world.
2. Take a look at your iPhone - or every webkit browser enabled smartphone - and INSTALive notifies if new pics are available for streaming.
3. Check them quickly.
4. Stream Instagram community pics to the other side of the world :)

And Yes, NO need to REFRESH INSTALive page to see the new pics. INSTALive makes it for u ;)

Just a few INSTALive applications: video walls and projections, events, instameets, contests, locations, parties. We like to party :)

INSTALive is proudly made by Nicola Pasianot / and the creative coder Antonio Pessolano. INSTALive is also made with Instagram API.

Interested? Curious? Just drop us a line ;)

INSTALive and creators are not responsible for the authors images, copyright and image rights to the authors.
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